How To Take Care Of Your Shoes And Make Them Last Longer

In order to keep your shoes in good condition, looking pristine and get many wears out of them, you must take proper care of them. Clean them after wearing and apply suitable shoe products to them, if need be.

If you want your favourite pair of high heels, sneakers or ballet flats to last a long time, you must take care of them; here are some tips to caring for your footwear:

  • Give shoes a break in between wears: do not wear them for more than two days in a row. Let them get rid of moisture from your feet.
  • Replace your shoe soles: if your shoes are still in good condition but the soles are worn out, replace them with non-slip rubber soles.
  • Make sure your shoes are the right size: do not buy a pair in the wrong size just because you like them and they don’t have your size in stock. Too small shoes make your toes squash against the shoe and can cause injures. Too big shoes will let your feet will slip out and can cause you to sprain your ankle.
  • Disinfect your shoes: disinfectant spray can be purchases in store, simply spray the inside to prevent fungal infections on your feet.

How to care for different material shoes

Different material shoes require different care methods. What works on plastic will not work on suede and vice versa:

  • Suede: Shoes in this material are difficult to take care of and must be done with care. Never apply wax polish to suede, use special suede cleaner with a soft lightly dampened cloth.
  • Leather: These are made from animal skin and need nourishment just like human skin. Clean any dirt off leather footwear after wearing with a soft cloth. Once they are clean, apply leather cleaner with a cloth and allow to dry. Do not wax when they’re new, first wear your shoes in and then wax them. Buy leather cleaner in the same color as the leather or the clear cleaner.
  • Synthetic material: These shoes are fairly easy to care for. Just wipe a damp cloth gently over the material and allow to dry.
  • Patent leather: These shoes are shiny and easy to clean marks off of. All you need is a damp cloth and a little bit of soap or stain remover.

Shoe Storage

Always keep footwear in a dry clean place away from moisture where bacteria grow. Shoe racks are good if you have a lot of shoes or limited space. To make shoes keep their shape, simply stuff them with newspaper, as this also soaks up any moisture.

Three Simple Ways for Baby Boomer Women to Update Any of Your Clothes Instantly

I was reminded recently when doing a Personal Style Session on a client’s wardrobe of how to help her update her wardrobe instantly. Read on to find out what simple advice I gave her that you, a modern Baby Boomer woman, can also use and adapt.

Tip 1 – Skin Tone Shoes:

The most obvious instant update is to buy and wear a pair of skin-tone shoes. These have been around a few years and are now a modern classic. Fashion magazine and catalogue stylists are using them everywhere from chain stores like Big W to magazines like Weight Watchers where they style women who have lost weight.

You have three options for skin-tone shoes.

(1) Dip your toes in the water and wear shoes that combine skin-tone with black.

(2) Go more modern and wear skin-tone, peep-toed, platform-sole shoes or solid court shoes.

(3) The third option is to be bolder and wear skin-tone ankle boots. These can be kitten-heel height, platform-soled high heels, cut out or strappy styles. If you worry about your legs, wear stockings like I do.

Skin-tone shoes instantly and stylishly modernise all of your clothes and they go with every colour, even black.

Before you buy, you can test them out. Go to any cheap chain store and pick up some skin-tone shoes in as many styles as possible. Try them out in the privacy of a change room cubicle. Then you can buy them or look for a better quality option elsewhere.

Tip 2 – Modern Shoe Styles:

A different option is to choose black or coloured platform-sole shoes, ankle boots or interesting cut-out designs. A modern style of shoes instantly updates classic dresses, skirts, pants and jeans.

Tip 3 – An Interesting Necklace:

Tip three is to add a necklace. Make it a bit interesting so that it defines your personality. It does not have to be new. Antique jewellery, unmatched sets or items worn in different ways will all add a bit of spark to your clothes, your attitude and your self-confidence. On Pinterest, I found lots of scarves with plaited strands on one side that create a combination scarf-necklace look that is interesting, unusual & modern. One necklace can update lots of clothes for a very reasonable price.

Last Words:

You do not always need a wardrobe full of new clothes to look modern and stylish. One modern pair of shoes or interesting necklace can work wonders with many of your favourite clothes.